All 20 Goats of Warding Locations

There are a total of 20 Warding Goats in Resident Evil villages, this article will introduce all Warding Goats location, I hope it will help you.

Goat 01

Village graveyard, inside the shrine.

Goat 02

On top of the Church roof top.

Goat 03

Near the Fallow Plot.

Goat 04

In the Vineyard on our way to the Castle Dimitrescu.

Goat 05

Go to hall of ablution, From the secret passage down to B1.

Goat 06

After you solve that five bells things, climb up the ladder to the Attic, Turn around.

Goat 07

Left the castle, going to Lone Road, turn left, a little drawbridge thing, down there is another sneaky goat.

Goat 08

Open the blue gate, Find it between the two houses.

Goat 09

Come to the cemetery behind the church, use the iron key to open the gate, turn right.

Goat 10

When you across the Suspension Bridge, there is a goat at the left broken Bridge.

Goat 11

On the edge of the cliff outside the house.

Goat 12

Go to the platform outside the Windmill and walk to the end to find the goat (outside the windmill)

Goat 13

when the fish man jumping around, look between the two Windmill, The goat was standing on a pole sticking out of the water.

Goat 14

Once all the water is gone, go down here.(near the location you first rode the boat)

Goat 15

There is a shrine below the Otto’s Mill.

Goat 16

Come to a downward spiral staircase, look to the right at the end of the stairs to find the goat.

Goat 17

Come to the huge ventilation fan, destroy the fan, turn around to find the goat.

Goat 18

When you take the elevator in the factory, Pay attention to the red frame of the elevator. If you are a little unlucky, you need to take the elevator repeatedly to try to destroy the goat.

Goat 19

After defeat the enemy, come to the room shown in the screenshot, Crouch down through a hole, you will find the goat.

Goat 20

After the cutscene(Chris throw the bomb), just turn right.

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