Weapon Upgrade

Arms dealers don’t get rich from the quality of their manuals. Since most of your equipment is salvaged or procured in the field. This section will fill that gap by providing comprehensive information on using, maintaining, and upgrading the arsenal of weapons you acquire.


Automatic pistols are a great primary weapon, whether you’re dealing with Lycans, triggering switches and explosive barrel blasts, or to get the treasures on the walls. They’re also effective at medium ranges if you’re accurate. The pistols also use the most common ammunition, enhancing their reliability as a back-up weapon. In addition, their wide range of specialized upgrade potential should make you stop thinking of them as just your second choice weapon.

ImageWeapon NameUpgradeLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Weapon UpgradeLEMIPower100110($6000)120($9000)130($12000)-
Rate of Fire0.450.42 ($3000)0.39($5000)0.36($8000)-
Reload Speed2.72.5 ($2500)2.3($4000)2.2($7000)-
Ammo Capacity1012 ($4000)14($6000)16($10000)-
Weapon UpgradeUSM-AIPower270-
Rate of Fire0.13-
Reload Speed2.5-
Ammo Capacity17-
Weapon UpgradeM1911Power160170($10000)180($17000)190($26000)195($40000)
Rate of Fire0.270.26($5000)0.24($9000)0.22($15000)0.2($21000)-
Reload Speed2.92.7($3500)2.5($8000)2.3($12000)2($19000)-
Ammo Capacity79($6000)11($11000)13($18000)15($25000)
Weapon UpgradeV6I CustomPower200210($50000)220($65000)230($80000)240($98000)250($120000)
Rate of Fire0.380.34($22000)0.3($31000)0.25($44000)0.2($58000)0.15($70000)
Reload Speed32.7($17000)2.4($26000)2.2($38000)2($51000)1.8($64000)
Ammo Capacity1215($30000)18($42000)21($55000)24($68000)27($80000)

Unique Weapon

ImageWeapon NameUpgradeLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Weapon UpgradeHandcannon PZPower14001600($68000)1900($81000)2300($94000)2700($115000)3200($140000)
Rate of Fire1.61.5($25000)1.4($34000)1.3($48000)1.1($62000)0.9($77000)
Reload Speed2.82.6($28000)2.4($37000)2.2($51000)2($65000)1.8($80000)
Ammo Capacity5-----
Weapon UpgradeRocket PistolPower500-
Rate of Fire1.1-
Reload Speed3.7-
Ammo Capacity7-
Weapon UpgradeGM 79Power12000-
Rate of Fire0-
Reload Speed2.7-
Ammo Capacity1-
Weapon UpgradeM1851 WolfsbanePower17001900($48000)2100($65000)2300($80000)2500($100000)2700($130000)
Rate of Fire1.51.4($21000)1.3($33000)1.2($44000)1.1($61000)1($82000)
Reload Speed2.52.4($18000)2.3($24000)2.2($38000)2.1($54000)2($75000)
Ammo Capacity5-----


ranges, and their spread of bullets can hit several grouped targets at once. The explosions are powerful enough to push or knock down enemies, which is where the concept of crowd control comes in. When you’re partially surrounded by multiple opponents, an accurate shotgun blast can take down many of them at once. Keeping them all out means choosing the time and position to maximize hits. Fire at the last second, before enemy attacks connects.Shift your position to take out any fallers and to prevent someone from flanking you.

As a rule, reload when you get a breather in a fight, not when you’ve emptied your weapon. Fortunately, shotguns have a knockback effect that often buys you this time.

ImageWeapon NameUpgradeLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Weapon UpgradeMI897Power560640($8000)720($10000)800($14000)-
Rate of Fire1.7----
Reload Speed2.82.6($4000)2.4($7000)2.2($10000)-
Ammo Capacity57($6000)9($9000)11($12000)-
Weapon UpgradeSYG-12Power11601240($65000)1320($79000)1400($91000)1520($110000)1680($135000)
Rate of Fire1.4-----
Reload Speed3.53.2($20000)2.9($31000)2.6($45000)2.3($58000)2($72000)
Ammo Capacity1012($37000)14($49000)16($61000)18($74000)20($90000)
Weapon UpgradeW870 TACPower760840($16000)960($27000)1120($39000)1280($53000)-
Rate of Fire1.6-----
Reload Speed2.72.5($8000)2.3($15000)2.1($23000)1.9($34000)-
Ammo Capacity46($11000)8($18000)10($29000)12($41000)-

Assault Rifle

When equipping a Assault Rifle, you can’t expect much accuracy from you. The idea is to lay down a range of fire and make sure some bullets find the target. The target also has a tendency to move upward when you hold the trigger for full-auto fire, so use short-range shots and keep adjusting. If you aim below the neck to begin with, the next few shots will hit the head. As you can expect, (Assault Rifle) ammunition depletes faster than any other ammunition.

ImageWeapon NameUpgradeLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Weapon UpgradeWCXPower250270($43000)290($58000)310($72000)340($86000)370($103000)
Rate of Fire0.15-----
Reload Speed3.23.1($28000)3($40000)2.9($53000)2.8($66000)2.6($78000)
Ammo Capacity2030($20000)40($29000)50($42000)60($56000)80($68000)
Weapon UpgradeDragoonPower350-
Rate of Fire0.11-
Reload Speed2.9-
Ammo Capacity30-

Sniper Rifles

Although not mentioned in the weapon details, all bullets have some degree of penetration by default. This means that bullets can continue to pass through the target’s body and hit other targets behind them. When you draw your rifle, your view switches to the sniper’s scope with a zoom function to focus on your target.

ImageWeapon NameUpgradeLv1Lv2Lv3Lv4Lv5Lv6
Weapon UpgradeF2 RiflePower600700($9000)850($15000)1000($29000)1200($41000)1500($60000)
Rate of Fire21.8($4000)1.7($8000)1.6($17000)1.4($26000)1.2($39000)
Reload Speed3.73.5($5500)3.3($10000)3.1($21000)2.9($33000)2.7($45000)
Ammo Capacity46($7000)8($11000)10($23000)12($35000)15($50000)

To better understand weapons charts, you need to be familiar with the following concepts.


This is the value of the pure damage inflicted by the weapon, bullet by bullet or blast by blast. When weighing firepower, it is worth considering the rate of fire of the weapon. Machine gun type weapons usually have a lower rating, but can be fired several times in quick succession for cumulative damage.

Rate of Fire

Rate of fire is the frequency with which a particular weapon can fire or launch its projectiles. This can be influenced by several factors, with machine guns in general firing much faster and Rifle’s firing very slowly

Reload Speed

Faster reload speed allows you to have more advantage against multiple enemies.

Magazine Size

More magazine capacity can greatly reduce the time to change ammunition, sometimes allowing you to take less unnecessary damage.

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