Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Dolphin Stuttering issues

There are reports of performance issues with the Resident Evil games on the Dolphin emulator. Some users report lag spikes when shooting, using the knife, or during other actions. Settings changes have not resolved the issue for some users. It is unclear if the issue is with the emulator or the game itself.

As Dolphin is an application that relies on IPC for performance. Additionally, due to low IPC, AMD CPUs are not good choices for Dolphin. There are a few possible causes of the performance issues with Resident Evil. One possibility is that the game is simply not optimized for Dolphin, and thus is lagging on even high-end PCs. Another possibility is that the settings are not set correctly, and thus the game is not running as smoothly as it could be. Finally, it is also possible that the issue is with the Dolphin emulator itself, and not with the game itself.

What are the possible solutions to the performance issues?

There are a few potential solutions to the performance issues with Dolphin, including adjusting the configuration settings and plugin video settings. Additionally, changing the display options to Panic Handlers, Progressive Scan, and Render in Full Screen may also help improve performance.

The impact of background programs and processes on game performance

The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of background programs and processes on game performance, using the Dolphin emulator as a test case. Two versions of the emulator were used, one with a DX9 plugin and one with an OpenGL plugin. A variety of settings were tested, including different resolutions, anti-aliasing levels, and anisotropic filtering levels. The results showed that background programs and processes can have a significant impact on game performance, especially when using the DX9 or OpenGL plugins. For example, at a resolution of 1280×720 with 4x anti-aliasing, the DX9 plugin caused an average of 23.4% more frames to be dropped than the OpenGL plugin. disabling certain features, such as Pixel Lightning and Anisotropic Filtering, can help to improve performance.

The benefits of using a RAMDisk for Dolphin

Ram discs, or RAM disks, offer a number of advantages over traditional hard drives or even solid-state drives. For one, they are much faster than either of those other storage solutions. This is because data stored on a RAM disc is accessed directly by the CPU, rather than having to be retrieved from a slower hard drive or SSD. RAM disks can also be used to store frequently accessed files or programs, which can further improve speed and performance. Additionally, because data stored on a RAM disk is not persistent (it is lost when the computer is turned off), it can be used for temporary storing of sensitive data that you don’t want to risk writing to a hard drive.

RAMDisk might help to speed things up, but it is unclear if this would actually solve the stuttering problem or not. It is speculated that the stuttering might not have anything to do with accessing the game data, but rather with the processing of that data.

This can be beneficial for some games, as it can decrease load times.

Tool for make ramdisk: