Resident Evil Director’s Cut Richard

Who was Richard?

Richard was the communications expert for Bravo Team who supplied communications for Alpha Team. He was said to be a very inviting and friendly individual who always tried his best to make new members–such as Rebecca Chambers–feel welcome. After being attacked in the Raccoon Forest by Cerberus dogs, Richard was able to escape and seek refuge in the Spencer mansion.

Saving Richard in the Switch version of RE1

Saving Richard does not affect the story except for a cutscene difference. If you choose to save Richard in the Switch version of RE1, you will create a set of variants of how he dies, all surrounding self-sacrifice.

In the game, there is a mansion that the player must progress through in order to save Richard. If the player manages to return with the serum in time, they can potentially save him. However, even if he is saved, he will still ultimately perish as the story progresses. In Jill’s version of the game, Richard will accompany her when she must confront the monster and will assist as a friendly NPC during the battle. However, after so much damage, the monster will recede away and attack Richard, who pushes Jill out of the way, swallowing him whole. If you give Richard the serum as Chris, he will again sacrifice himself.

What happens if you don’t save Richard in RE1 Remake

If you don’t save Richard in RE1 Remake, you will not be able to get his combat shotgun. However, this will not affect the story except for a cutscene difference in Chris’s campaign.

Richard will eventually succumb to his poisoned wounds if you don’t save him in RE1 Remake.If you choose to leave the Yawn fight before defeating it, Richard will remain behind and ultimately meet his demise.

The different endings in RE1 Remake

The original Resident Evil game had multiple endings, depending on the player’s choices. In the remake, there is only one ending in which the player’s character, Chris Redfield, saves his partner Jill Valentine from the Umbrella Corporation. In the other endings, Chris dies or Jill dies.

How to get the best ending in RE1 Remake

To get the best ending in Resident Evil 1 Remake, players need to complete certain objectives within the game. For Jill Valentine, this includes giving Barry back his gun and using three MO discs to rescue Chris.

Chris Redfield has had to save Rebecca a number of times, including when she was in trouble in the room where the dog whistle was found. He has also used three MO discs to rescue Jill from various predicaments.