Are the resident evil movies good


After the third film, this movie I have given up looking forward to. The reason is not because the game’s many protagonists in the movie fancy play, nor is it because of the rough level of special effects. The main reason is that the entire setting of the movie world has collapsed in the game, whether it’s Ocean Hall, Raccoon City, Spanish Town, African Town or Tall Oaks, in addition to causing the area to be nuked and flattened, the biggest disaster should be the president’s punt in the 6th generation, but the infection of the biochemical virus is basically limited to a local area. In the end, the purpose of Embraer is never to destroy the world, but to obtain economic or political benefits through the biochemical virus, a bug-level weapon, or even to influence the pattern of the world, the motives of the villain bosses of all generations are basically justified. On the contrary, the movie, 1 and 2 in the bio-virus is still limited to military bases and Raccoon City, and Embraer destroyed Raccoon City in order to cover up the truth, which is very logical. But by the third, you suddenly tell me the whole world is infected, which is already two roads with the game’s setting. Of course, want to take the Walking Dead or 28 days of the post-apocalyptic theme of the road can also be, the protagonist and his party in order to survive, against biochemical zombies can also have a lot of outstanding places. But why is the virus is Embraer deliberately let the whole world infected? What is its motive? Not the good money, terrorist activities, control the world?

are the resident evil movies good

You turn everyone into zombies, you control who to go? What do you need so much money for? Even to the 4th and 5th part, Embraer is still fucking researching the virus, you research a hair ah? Research and research, just the two of you three alive, ready to go to conquer the alien planet ah? So I say, after the movie to the 3rd, the villain’s motive is no longer valid, a few movies, has made me think, you fight and fight and what do you want? So, this series of films would have had the opportunity to become a classic with the parallel development of the game. Director dazzle wife nothing, special effects do not stand out nothing, as long as the story each time a change, and then a steady slow advance, like the official CG movie Resident Evil deterioration, Resident Evil curse, can attract a large number of game and film fans. Afraid of this would have liked to end in the third generation, to put the bombardment, did not think about the back way. The result later also want to have no integrity to cheat money, make up a gas, a good classic, now just like a low-budget B movie, see this director’s pattern is really small. For the Resident Evil 6 movie, I am not interested at all. Now the only expectation is that there is a young director with ideas, not so eager to make a good Resident Evil, not a movie to rub the essence of the game 6 a time, like the movie Life Crisis 2, in a city can be.