resident evil 7 vs outlast 2 Which Will Be More Scary?


Well,  today is going to be a video based on horror games coming out in early 2017, now I do videos talking about games coming out in 2017 that are going to be the scariest or top 5 or something like that, but what I want to do here is talk specifically about Jedi 2 and Resident Evil 7. The reason I want to do that is that Resident Evil 7 has changed direction, so to say that I think it might be a little bit wrong to do a lot of camera, I don’t know, maybe it’s just my imagination, but either way, I believe Resident Evil 7 has shifted, it’s shifted from what it’s been doing, which is a third-person zombie style game.


A zombie type game Resident Evil 7 will be a first-person horror experience set in the backwaters of Louisiana. Now do you see a little bit of why I can start looking at this, kind of like I’m looking at Jedi 2, these games do have something in common, we’re going to talk about story, we’re going to talk about that kind of stuff, I want to talk about what game is going to be scarier and even sell more in 2017, I can’t really just say that because I mean these two games are made by two completely different companies and they have reputations Totally different but what game would be scarier and that’s what I want to look at so we’ll dive into some of the story but you see these types of games a lot and you see a lot of DLC coming out


and you see major storylines that if you just pile them together can be considered shorter than other games like Grand Theft Auto or even Call of Duty online games that seem to be shorter than that a little bit, just because they are a story, not a grind type game. Both of these games I guarantee will have DLC coming out later in 2017, so if you’re looking for a long game, both of these games will offer DLC, and I guarantee later in 2017, so let’s get some story going. So far, Resident Evil 7 has changed dramatically from what they’ve done in recent years, it’s a humanoid enemy that you’re fighting, and there’s a limited number of them, and you’re hunting down your wife in this desolate environment in Louisiana because these rednecks kidnapped your wife,


and that’s the whole story in general, and you can tell they’ve really moved from sci-fi type zombie stuff into a sci-fi type of zombie. You can see them really moving from sci-fi type zombie stuff to a little bit more of a jump scare type of game. You can even see again where I got this kinda Jedi-like game The other big thing that really compares this thing to Jedi is that it’s more about dodging and hiding and not fighting like a lot of the other Resident Evil games. As I said, because you’re looking for your wife in the woods of Louisiana, and because you’re doing a lot of running and hiding, you can feel the jump in this house.


You’re going to feel the atmosphere of fright in this house, and now Resident Evil 7 with the hiding and the fright is a very, very big puzzle type of game, and from these blogs that I’ve been reading online, those who have played for hours so far say that this game is really, really keen on very complex puzzles. So if you’re the kind of person who might get immersed in the puzzles, you might get a little bit slack during these puzzle types, which might cause you to panic a little bit when these jumps happen, and I guarantee you that when you react in these puzzles, these jumps will happen. I’m going to talk a little bit about LS2 here, just based on what I played on the demo version ofOutlast 2,


and the whole first version of Outlast that I just played, there are puzzles in the game, but the puzzles are much easier, so I would say it’s more like opening this It looks like there’s going to be some symbolic things that you have to learn along the way to understand the puzzles in order to move on in Resident Evil 7″ to move on, the puzzles will have more depth to them. So if you’re the kind of person who just wants to play the game, you’re the kind of person who just wants to beat it – you’re the kind of person who likes to be scared along the way, but you just want to say, hey, you know I beat Outlast or I beat Outlast – then Outlast can give you the benefit of the doubt.


I mean, Outlast is really a very good game, and Red Barrel made millions of dollars before this game was even released, and in my opinion, Red Barrel is one of the best games in the horror genre without Outlast, just because of the way it is.

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