Resident Evil 8 PS5 version file size announced, support early preload

According to informed sources, “Resident Evil 8: Village” PS5 version requires 27.3G, and support for two days in advance pre-download, It will be officially released on May 7, which means that on May 5 can be pre-download.

The file size size for the game does not contain the first day of the patch, the specific download may take up more space. Compared to its predecessor, “Resident Evil 8: Village” will bring more explorable content, the main process is also longer, so the game file size will be larger than its predecessor.

Resident Evil 8: Village will bring players the most extreme survival horror experience, the story of the village starts on the border of a country in Eastern Europe, taking place several years after the “Resident Evil 7”, is the sequel to the predecessor as well as the final chapter.

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