Resident Evil village review

The enemies in the game are great, there is a lot of enemy variety and I never felt like I was shooting the same thing over and over again, which could easily be a big criticism of Resident Evil 7, but the enemy variety in this game is really cool, I love Lycans, I love shooting them, even the flying enemies react well when you shoot them, and I think a lot of the boss fights are great too, but I thought the final act of this game was incredible because it had some twists and turns, like what the hell is going on in here. Even if you like R7, which I do, I think this game is great, especially in VR, is that there’s not any enemy diversity, and they address that, and Ethan is a bit of a boring character, and they do a great job of that, and I don’t know if that’s high praise, because it’s an area where the inhabitants are evil, and it’s not very old, and it’s got a great story when when it comes to their characters it’s like we use the joke that Resident Evil is a loveless asexual universe because the characters never get married they don’t have relationships ,they’re just partners and they work with each other and it’s like there’s this weird dichotomy that happens in Resident Evil in general and this game actually has a great story that’s really a lot like a theme park ride and the game keeps you interested and When the credits rolled, I really cared about a lot of the characters in it and I was incredibly impressed with how things played out later on because they set up some great stuff at the end.

The second 75 minutes of this game just gets better and better, in my opinion, and I love all the crazy stuff you end up seeing, but I just don’t think first person is necessary, and there are moments in this game that really set the stage for creepy stuff, especially in episodes that don’t involve a lot of combat and are really creepy. But honestly, I think Resident Evil is better suited to the classic fixed shot, but that’s just an old attempt at something they don’t do anymore, or third person, and I think the R2 remake really manages to do a lot of the super creepy stuff and atmospheric environments from a third person perspective, and it doesn’t lose that element that we don’t need that faceless protagonist, you know the one in the first person shot. guy in the back so I’m kind of hoping that maybe later on if there’s a Resident Evil 9, eventually there will be and they’ll take a different approach and I think there’s a lot of technical issues because I did play the PC version of the game and the PC version of the game for some reason when you kill a lot of enemies the game will stop for a frame or two and it’s really weird and the PC version of this game I actually don’t recommend unless There are problems with vision.

It’s like you can’t do a 180 degree turn, which is scary because you have bad controls, and I think the perspective of this game is fear. Other elements, The Duke is a great character the merchant is back and that’s great. The fact that the game opens up a larger world that you can explore, find things, come back, combine elements, and do things to solve the problem. This is something that hasn’t been seen since Resident Evil 4 and they are bringing it back in this game. I really like the treasure system in the Resident Evil games, especially Resident Evil 4, it gives you a reason to look at the environment. I found this room that was still red on the map, which meant I hadn’t found everything yet, and just looking around and admiring these crazy looking environments was going back to find things that I thought I had found . I think my total play time on hardcore was 11 to 12 hours, but I believe my actual play time, because that’s not counting deaths, was probably closer to 20 hours. I wouldn’t recommend playing the game on normal , I think it might be worth it to play on hardcore . Because it gives you a chance to enjoy these battles more , fighting enemies on what is probably normal difficulty and they die easily. After the opening werewolf fight it feels like hardcore, that fight is confusing and weird, I would probably recommend playing this game, once you get past that part it feels perfect. It’s a good difficulty and things are going well, I think if this is a direction for Resident Evil, where they are going to take the characters and story, I hope they add more elements like this, it makes me very excited for the R4 remake, if it’s in development, which is likely, to see what they get out of this game before they do an R4 remake. Personally, I’d give it a 9 out of 10.