Did Lady D see Ethan in the mirror?

Theoretically, if you can see someone else in the mirror, they must be able to see you too. Because from the analysis of physics, geometric optics, the optical path is reversible. But considering the size of the field of view, resolution and other issues, the other party may not necessarily see you. But combined with the location and light in the scene, then Lady D should see Ethan!

Let’s see what the players have to say about it.

Player A: pretend not to see, deliberately let Ethan into the room!

Player B: I think, she should see Ethan, deliberately pretend not to know, and wait for Ethan to come to the door.

Player C: see, deliberately pretend not to see, and so Ethan took the key, just opened the door was found by Lady D.

Player D: think differently, if I am Lady D, must be able to detect anomalies, human instincts are still very sharp, do not need to look in to the mirror, which is why Ethan was found as soon as the door was opened.

Player E: When Lady D answer the phone, the reflection in the mirror feels like a glance in the direction of Ethan, Lady D also smiled slightly. There is a concept art of this scene Lady D is looking straight through, very scary.

Other players said that because Ethan did not have a head, so invisible. This explanation is also convincing, it’s no wonder Ethan never showed his face, even the wedding photos are no face. Lady D see such a headless person running in the castle, is also feeling a little scared?

Guys do you think if the lady has seen Ethan in the mirror?