Interesting easter eggs

According to the game’s concept art, Ada Wong would have appeared in Resident Evil Village, and when Ethan was captured, she would have put on the crow mask to save him. However, Ada-wong’s appearance would have caused too many conflicting scenarios, so the developers had to abandon the idea. Although it was removed, we have a chance to see a new look of Ada wong in the further Re series, one that is different from the classic.

Resident Evil 7″ and “Resident Evil 8” are first-person perspective, in general, we can not see the protagonist Ethan’s appearance. However, there have been players to unlock the perspective, as well as the removal of Ethan’s facial shadow, we finally see the true face of Ethan.

In the ending of “Resident Evil Village”, Rose took the car, there will be a figure in the distance of the scene, who is this person in the end? Some players unlocked the game perspective to watch, after the camera moved closer, we found that this person is the miracle survivor Ethan!Dressed in the clothes before the ending, the left hand is still wrapped in gauze!

Resident Evil Village‘s merchant Duke will say “What’re ya buyin?” and said that this is the wording of an old friend. In fact, this old friend is “Resident Evil 4” ’s merchant, this sentence is very classic, new players may be interested in experiencing “Resident Evil 4”!

During the Boss-fight with Heisenberg, Heisenberg said that “i am going to muder that boulder-punching asshole”, new players may not know what this means, in fact, Chris did perform “punching the boulder” at the end of “Resident Evil 5”, like a Superman !

Ethan’s house has a book describing the Eastern European castles, the author is George Trevor, this person is the mansion’s designer; and another gun book ’s author is Joseph Kendo, this person made a lot of firearms, including Leon’s pistol (engraved with Custom Kendo Shop), his brother is Robert Kendo, Resident Evil 2 / 3 gun store owner.

At the beginning of “Resident Evil 4”, Leon was surrounded by villagers, when the bell rang, all the villagers stopped attacking and retreated to the church. Such a scene also occurred at the beginning of Resident Evil village, a bell ring let a large number of enemies retreat, very interesting!