Lady Dimitrescu’s Reaction to her Daughters Deaths.

As cruel as Lady D is, she still has compassion and care for her own daughter. In contrast, Miranda sees the four houses as dispensable pawns and uses them as stepping stones for her own plans, which is the real devil.

So let‘s take a look at Lady Dimitrescu’s Reaction to her Daughters Deaths.

Bella’s Death

We first found, Bella, After Bella’s death, Lady D’s reaction: “What have you done to my daughter!?” “Because he is in my castle, and has already proven too much for my daughter to handle!”’’That man will pay for what he’s done…’’’’You lay your filthy man-hands on MY daughters-‘’

Daniella dies, Cassandra survive

Then we go to the other daughter, Daniella, and kill her.

Lady D’s reaction after Daniela’s death: “It was cold, wasn’t it Daniela?”

We felt Lady D’s love for her own daughter. Then, Lady D called Cassandra and ordered to kill Ethan: “Cassandra! Come here…Now!” “Enough games… i want that man’s head, Now go”

It seems that Lady D is really very angry. Cassandra heard her mother’s call and immediately hunting Ethan.

Cassandra dies, Daniela survive

Lady D’s reaction after Cassandra’s death: “Cassandra, you pushed yourself too far.’’

Daniella and Cassandra all dies

After Daniela and Cassandra all died, Lady D’s reaction: “Cassandra? Cassandra!? No, How much blood and sweat do you think it took to raise those daughters?”

Lady D began angry: “You have incurred an impossible debt!”

Lady D’s final reaction: “The entire bloodline of House Dimitrescu is done in? By the like of you!?” ‘’You disgusting outsider!’’