The story of Mother Miranda

So the Resident Evil series has certainly given us a lot of antagonists over the years. But this time in “Resident Evil Village” we are dealing with an antagonist, who manipulates the events in the background and will be one of the most important characters in the series. Let’s continue to explain the story of Mother Miranda, about her origins. More than 100 years before the events of Resident Evil Village, her discovery and experimentation with Megamycete led to the creation of the mold strain. Her rise to power in the village and her influence on the four lords of the region, including House Dimitrescu, House Benevento, House Moreau and house Heisenberg, all the way to the present day.

Sometime in the late 19th century she had already had a daughter named Ava. But in a very tragic timeline, the Spanish Flu of 1918 swept the world, infecting about a third of the world’s population and taking about 50 million casualties. Unfortunately, Miranda’s daughter Ava was one of those infected by the Spanish Flu and eventually lost her life in 1919 at the age of 10. But by a miraculous stroke of luck, she stumbled upon Megamycete, a fungal disease colony that acts in a hive-mind kind of way. The explanation that this is characteristic of a Megamycete hive mind can be stemmed from the theory that cells retain their memories. In this case, in Resident Evil Village, Mother Miranda concludes that then Megamycete self will have Ava’s consciousness as well, allowing the possibility of recreating Ava from this. But Mother Miranda needs a viable host to be able to do this.

She will be experimenting with this new substance to figure out the next step in finding a viable host for her diseased daughter . And the villagers will be the best perfect proving to see the results of her, but she does it in a very cunning and manipulative way. Because at this time the village is plagued by a disease that is taking people’s lives. Mother Miranda then uses this event to her advantage, appearing as a savior and offering the villagers a supposed cure for the disease. This method seems to work in the villagers favor at first, but after a while things quickly change as we eventually learn that. Those infected with Megamycete mold will turn into a form of Lycan. This proves that experiments using Megamycete as a catalyst still need some work, or possibly another infection pathway. Which of course leads Mother Miranda to create Something she called cadou parasite. Which also means gift in Romanian, a gift she also gave to the people around the village, only a few of whom were able to assimilate to some extent. And those who adapt to the cadou will gain some type of superhuman-like abilities. Hence we see the ability of the Dimitrescu, as well as her larger than life high, regenerative powers and retractable claws. And Hensiberg’s mutated electronic organs grant him magnetism and the ability to control metal. Salvatore Moreau and his barely-adapted cadou mutate into a grotesque monster with fish-like organs. And finally Donna Beneviento, her ability to secrete a substance that controls the plant that infected Megamycete. I saw that the pollen of these flowers produced many hallucinatory effects.

In the mid-20th century, she met a medical student who had been in the village for some time, and this created a bond between Mother Miranda and this man, seeing her as a mentor or teacher in a sense. He was fascinated by Miranda’s plan to use a Megamycete to restore her disease daughter and impressed this man. Years later he and a group of colleagues and friends would create a company that would destroy the world for many years, and that man was Ozwell E Spencer, one of the co-founders of Umbrella. The logo of this company was inspired by the design they saw in the cave near the village. Of course, in hindsight, in the year 2020, the creation of umbrella company will destroy the whole world. With all the viruses and strains it produces, the monsters created are incredibly powerful. Mother Miranda would help plant the seeds in Ozwell E Spencer’s mind to propagate humans with infections or other organisms into the eugenic world utopia he envisioned. While praising his immortal mentor, although the implication that she resurrected only one person with Megamycete may not be consistent with his views.

We found a document that reads:

Dear Miranda,

My deepest apologies for not meeting you in person.

I would love nothing more than to visit your quaint village once more, however, I am incredibly busy.

Then again, I suppose for an immortal woman such as yourself, you no longer remember this poor half-dead medical student in the snow.

I have always cherished the revelations I came to 15 years ago when I stayed in your village.

I was inspired by your research. To think, one could transform a human by infecting them with an organism. Positively visionary.

I knew that with that knowledge I could achieve my own vision for the next step in human evolution.

Even after two world wars, and humanity on the cusp of another, my conviction never wavered.

I realized, however through the many nigh of intellectual talks you and I shared, that your conviction differed from mine.

You hoped to bring back a single dead person While I aimed to change the world.

Your experiments on the mold would not have aided me in my endeavor to achieve an exponential infection. I thought a virus would be more effective.

This is why, my dear, I had to leave you I still regret never telling you goodbye.

My apologies for reminiscing. I actually have news that I thought might please you.

I have found the key to evolution! The”progenitor, “a virus found in Africa

I plan to start a company with friends and colleagues, dedicated to the virus ‘research. I will call it Umbrella Just like the symbol in the cave that we spoke about.

I am one step closer to making my vision a reality. I hope you will be able to achieve your goal someday, too

You taught me so much and for that I will be forever in your debt

Sincerely, your life-long student,

Ozwell E. Spencer

In any case, although his plan was to use a different route of infection. Therefore he thought that progenitor was a better way to achieve the eugenics evolution plan. Because this strain of the virus is easier to spread. Without her, Ozwell E. Spencer might not have created umbrella, which in turn would have avoided all the world disasters we had to face in the “RESIDENT EVIL” timeline. But in the end this still wasn’t the last impact Mother Miranda had. As her research on Megamycete continued into the early 21st century, at which point she remained youthful, thanks to the strain she discovered 100 years ago. And more importantly, was approached by a mysterious organization called “The Connection” who said they would assist her in her research on the mold of Megamycete. Mother Miranda gives them a sample of mold and some of her disease daughter’s DNA, but as we know, this organization will be the catalyst for creating the strain of mold we saw in RESIDENT EVIL 7. The organization created a series of experiments that eventually created a variant of Megamycete mold strain.

The most successful of these experiments was the creation of the E-type series, or Evelyn as we know it. A biological weapon by implanting this new mold strain into early embryos, allowing assimilation between the two organisms into a child. This would result in the easy spread of the strain, the ability in mind control and control over the surrounding area, while taking advantage of Evelyn’s 10 year old appearance and using her abilities in the mold, Perfect for infiltrating behind enemy lines. The only downside is that Evelyn’s body ages quickly, all of this information can be found in Mother Miranda’s lab, even showing pictures of her and Evelyn. Because all these experiments that created Evelyn were the last stage before the events of Resident Evil Village. Because in the story of resident evil 7, Evelyn would infect many people with the mold strain, the most important members of which were Beck family, Mia Winters and Ethan Winters. But as we know, Ethan would survive the events of RE7, save Mia and give her a serum to help with the symptoms of mold. We know that Mia Winters was kidnapped by Mother Miranda before the game began, and in the process changed her to look like Mia. Mother Miranda’s powers are very well rounded and her plans are on full display in this scene.

Anyway, in the long history of Mother Miranda, it is surprising that she has personally accomplished countless important events in the RESIDENT EVIL series. This shows that she is one of the most cunning manipulators and cleverest opponents we have had to face in the RE universe, and the fact that she has also used Megamycete mold to extend her life and gain powers one could only dream of, which is why she has lived so long. She has the ability to transform into anything she wants, hence Mia Winters and the old hag. At the end of the game we have one of the better final boss monsters in Resident Evil. Mother Miranda shows off a plethora of abilities and transformations, she was able to switch from one form to another and then switch back to her previous transformation at will. A stark contrast to the virus-infected monsters we’ve seen in past games, most of which are constantly mutating but can’t switch at will like she can. But in conclusion, Mother Miranda’s grief over the loss of her daughter will be the catalyst for our entire story as a whole. And rather than letting Ava go, she does the exact opposite, influencing many events in the background of the series.