The Baker Incident Report

The Baker Incident, July 2017.

A number of people lost their lives at the residence in the middle of the American countryside. It was a truly horrifying tragedy.I still Don’t know the exact number of victims.Two survivors, husband and wife Ethan and Mia Winters, were able to shed some light on the events which would have shook the world. But…There was a coverup and the Winterses…vanished.There is someone, or something, powerful acting behind the scenes. I just know it.I decided to investigate, to follow the bread crumbs of what happened after.How can I be so sure?Because I’m someone who was there First of all, how was this accident reported upon its discovery by the world?Let’s take a look at some newspaper clippings from that time, to see how the news was manipulated.

Discover of the incident

📰 Local newspaper: The Dulvey Daily, July 22, 2017

Family of Four Found dead in Dulvey

Dulvey Country Sheriff’s Officer have reported that the Baker family were found dead in their home in north Dulvey, on the 21st July.

The surrounding details are currently unknown, apart from the deaths of Jack Baker, his wife Marguerite, their son Lucas, and daughter Zoe.

Deputy Sheriff Dave Anderson has also been missing since the 19th, according to Deputy Sheriff Riley Whiteford, who visited the Bakes’ residence around the time of his disappearance.

 Social Media Posts (July 22, 2017)

-‘’That thing with the dead family, wasn’t that where that giant black monster was?’’

-‘’You think they were eaten by that thing? No way, it’s not some cheesy horror movie.’’

-‘’Old man Jack did say some crazy stuff, I remember him getting in to a lot fights.’’

-‘’He probably killed the whole family then offed himself.’’

Transcript of a Complaint to the County sheriff’s Office

“I don’t believe it !

It’s been two days already but you haven’t reported anything else!

Was it murder? An accident? Suicide?

And what’s with the National Guard sealing the place off?

What are you y’all hiding!? “

Zoe Baker: Very little was reported shortly after the Baker incident was discovered, leading to rapid spread of rumors and speculation.The Bakers were completely isolated from the rest of the community, and sealing off the entire area around their home set things in motion…I recall there sure was a lot of public pressure on the press for information.I admit that at the time I was being held in quarantine by a’certain organization’ and couldn’t see any of the news for myself.They finally allowed me to watch TV a few days after and I was flabbergasted by the stark difference between the reports and reality.

The Cover-up

📰Local newspaper: The Dulvey, July 30, 2017

Sheriff’s Office Say Baker Family Killed by Natural Gas

In a follow up the deaths of the Baker family on July 21st, the Dulvey County Sheriff’s Office stated: “It is highly likely that their deaths were caused by a hydrogen sulfide leak.”

The local area is surrounded by wetlands, which combined with a concentration of pollution, could have led to the buildup of toxic gas that claimed the lives of the Baker family.

The leak has been blocked, however the authorities have sealed off the area in order to prevent any further accidents.

The victims included were:


  • Jack Baker
  • Marguerite Baker
  • Lucas Baker
  • Zoe Baker
  • Dave Anderson
  • Clancy Javi
  • Andre Stickland
  • Peter Walken

Injured: Ethan Winters,Mia Winters

Magazine: Inspector

An interview with Sally Baldwin, Professor of Geological Sciences at Minden University


So you don’t agree with the report from the Sheriff’s Office that it was a natural gas leak?


We can’t rule it out completely, but it’s very unusual all things considered. Hydrogen sulphide builds up in areas where there is a lot of volcanic activity. The town of Dulvey, however, has no volcanic activity anywhere in the area.My own geological survey in 1998 revealed absolutely no hydrogen sulphide in the area.

Zoe Baker: A “tragic natural gas leak.”…That was the official stance on the Baker incident.But this a complete fabrication

Nothing about the murders in that house, nothing about the terrifying monsters that stalked the halls and lived within its walls.It’s evident that someone was keeping the truth hidden.The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that MY name was on the list of victims.The organization still had me in quarantine.I was terrified the whole thing would come to an end with me actually being among the deceased.Thankfully it was a needless fear.

The organization gave me a new identity and let me go.I guess they figured I was harmless and didn’t know anything else.I was allowed to live as a new person.Apparently for my own safety.I tried to contact the other two survivors Ethan and MiaThey saved my life, after all. I wanted to at least thank them But… They’d completely disappeared.I know the organization knows where they are.So I decided to investigate…the BSAA.

BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance)

A counter bioterrorism organization sanctioned by the United Nations.It was formed to combat the rise in bioterrorism after the collapse of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals They have combated terrorism across the world, including China and Europe, and are high regarded as bioterrorist police.The BSAA finally intervened in the Baker incident and were the ones that saved Ethan, Mia. And I.Thanks to my detainment in their facility I have a pretty good idea of who their members are.I was very, very persuasive when it came to asking them about the organization and top-secret documents.The topic I was most interested in was of course, the Baker incident.I wanted to know the truth the BSAA was hiding.

The Hidden Truth

Magazine: Inspector

Secret Meeting Between the Sheriff and International Organization

One of our reporters has unearthed evidence that a secret meeting happened between Dulvey’s Sheriff Coleridge and an international organization know as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).

Many have voiced their concerns around the legitimacy of the Sheriff’s Office statement that the incident at the Baker Estate was caused by a toxic gas leak.

Inspector suspects there might be more to the story and the Sheriff’s Office and BSAA are covering something up.

We reached out to the Sheriff’s Office but they refused to give a statement.


Edgar McClintock

BSAA Investigations Department: Final Report on the Baker Incident.

The following details the investigation into the biological disaster in Dulvey, Louisiana. Also know as the Baker Incident.

This document is for employees with Class B Clearance and above.

We have concluded that the Baker Incident was caused by accidental contamination from a prototype bioweapon known as “Eveline.”

The residents fo the Baker household were contaminated by a mold-like pathogen, ‘’mutamycete.’’ Eveline was capable of rapidly producing this mold and it enabled her to control those infected both mentally and physically.

The Baker family were not the only victims. Eveline manipulated the Bakers in to kidnapping dozens of people. These victims were infected and mutated into monstrous creatures called, “Molded”

Eveline was originally created in a Munich research facility by the international crime syndicate “The Connections.”

BSAA dispatched a team to destroy Eveline. The mission, however, was not successful, and Eveline escaped.

Eveline was then transferred to America by the Connections via ship along with her caretaker, Mia Winters.

However, Eveline managed to escape during transport.

She murdered most of the ship’s crew and destroyed the ship.

We believe she then abandoned the vessel that had washed up in the bayou near Baker residence.

The aforementioned operation to eliminate Eveline was BSAA’s failing. We cannot deny that as it resulted in Eveline infecting innocent civilians.

BSAA will have to take responsibility should these events ever come to light.

As such, we advise that a cover story is fed to the media and BSAA’s involvement is kept quiet.


E-series Mutamycete Analysis Report

Biological analysis report on the E-series mutamycete (henceforth referred to as mutamycete) recovered from the Baker residence.

The mutamycete has similar characteristics to Cladosporium (black mold) and has incredibly high reproductive properties.

It acts like a parasite, infecting the cells and rewriting the DNA of its host.

Furthermore, when it combines with other bacteria

it creates its own muscle tissue, brain, and nervous system.

As such, an organism infected with the mutamycet transforms into a type of undead monster.


Bioweapon Report File

A human biological weapon constructed through the implementation of mutamycete in to a human embryo .

Has the ability to infect with a fungal network and control hosts through brain wave signals.

Eveline was driven by a natural instinct to create a “family” and the infected victims she controlled were her surrogate family.

However, due to an innate defect in her chromosomes, Eveline’s cells reproduced at an accelerated rate causing her to age rapidly, then die.


“The Connections” Report

The Connections is a crime syndicate with no base of operations.

Their organizational structure is unknown, however we are aware of their actions on a global level. In recent years they have been particularly active in eastern Europe.

Most of their activities appear to revolve around the creation and selling of bioweapons. Eveline was one of their products.

Reliable sources have confirmed that the criminal organization was founded by Brandon Bailey.

Bailey is a shrewd man and was once the right-hand man of Ozwell E. Spencer, CEO and President of the Umbrella Corporation. (His current status and location unknown.)

Bailey and Spencer became estranged due to differing visions, and Bailey used the connections he made working as the Director of the Umbrella Africa Research Center to branch off and found the crime syndicate.

The organization’s main goal appears to simply be commercial gain. Further investigations are in progress.


According to BSAA’s top-secret document, the Baker incident as I know it, was just another statistical blip to be recored.

That fateful night when the tanker washed up in the bayou…

Jack took that little girl from the shipwreck and into our home.

Then she turned everyone crazy, made us into monsters.

BSAA knew this when they manipulated the media and covered the whole thing up.

An easy thing to do for an organization with direct backing from the United Nations.

They couldn’t let anyone know it was them who let Eveline, the cause of all this, escape.

I continued to investigate and finally caught wind of Ethan and Mia’s location.

Where the Winterses Are

BSAA Investigations Department:

Transcript of Interview with Ethan Winters


  • Shall we begin, then? Please state your name and occupation.
  • Ethan. Ethan Winters. I’m a systems engineer. How many times do we have to do this? When are you going to let us go?
  • Our interviews until now have been necessary to conclude if you had any… Ulterior motives…
  • Now we understand that you were just an innocent victim in this whole incident.
  • So… You’re going to let us go?
  • Yes. But we have one condition
  • What’s that?
  • We would like you and your wife to remain under our supervision, In exchange we will provide you with a new home, a new country.
  • What are you saying? You want us to take on new identities? Wait-a new country? You want us to move to another country!?
  • To a lovely country In eastern Europe, to be precise.
  • Europe? You’re gotta be kidding! Why the hell would we—
  • You are both witnesses to what happened. There is a certain criminal organization who is looking for you.
  • We are doing this for your protection. Think of it more like, “witness protection.”
  • But all the way to Europe? Without any say?
  • You can forget everything you experienced here, start a new life. It’s better for both of you that way.
  • There’s no way we can forget everything that happened… I want to talk to Mia about this. Let me talk to Mia!


BSAA Investigations Department:

Transcript of Interview with Mia Winters


  • According to our examinations you are mostly free of the mold now, Mia.
  • Have you- Did you tell him? About my…past?
  • No. As a sign of appreciation for your cooperation, BSAA has not divulged your involvement with The Connections.
  • l just want to return to a normal life with Ethan To forget everything…


Zoe Baker: Ethan and Mia are in Europe!I was ecstatic that I finally had a clue into their whereabouts.However…That was where my investigation hit a brick wall.BSAA’s security is tight and even with some acquaintances helping me out, no one knew the Winterses’ exact location.Which makes sense when you consider an international crime syndicate is after them.Two years passed and no progress…I ended up working as a rookie reporter for a small newspaper in New Orleans.The Baker incident has all but vanished from people’s minds.Then one day, a letter arrived at my tiny apartment. It was from none other than Mia Winters herself!

—Mia’s Letter—

Hey! How are you doing?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? BSAA won’t let us send any e-mails or letters.

But I gave this directly to an employee to give to you. So it should be safe.

Our location is still hidden.

I’ve always wanted to tell you how thankful l am. Ethan and I would have died in that house if it hadn’t been for you.

It must have been hard to fight all alone for so long.

So… thank you.

I can’ t tell you where we are, but we’re safe and happy.

feel like we’ve finally settled down into our new life

The house BSAA gave us is huge. I don’t know what

to do with it all!! Oh, that reminds me! There’s a reason I wanted to write you.

Ethan and I had a baby! I included a picture of her with this letter.

I warn you, she is so cute!

We named her Rosemary. Isn’t it such a wonderful name?

I hope you can come and see her someday. Ethan wants to see you too.

I’ve learned all kinds of local dishes. I’m sure you’ll like them.

No need to reply. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.

Take care of yourself, OK?


Mia Winters

Zoe Baker: A letter from Mia and Ethan out of nowhere AND they have a daughter!I had almost given up finding them. I couldn’t hold back the tears.I’m glad the two-three of them are happy in their new life. Just as I went to close the mailbox, I spotted another envelope…It was embossed with the BSAA logo—the sender unknown. It contained the following:


Warning Letter to Chris Redfield


We are growing concerned with your recent activity.

According to recent reports, you have taken personal control of the elite unit, the Hound Wolf Squad, without permission. And you’ve accessed a number of top-secret documents, also without permission.

What the hell are you doing?

What are you and your squad doing in eastern Europe? Who the fuck is this Miranda that keeps popping up in your correspondences?

What’s with the investigation into the Winters family?

You’ve been very critical of BSAA since the Baker incident.

You might be one of the founding Original Eleven, but I cannot let you continue to run around unchecked .

So I will repeat myself, what the hell are you doing ?

BSAA HQ, Investigations

There was one thing scribbled on the back of this.

“It’s not over.”

This is everything I have on the Baker incident .

It’s purely for my own reference , I don’t intend to send it out to the general public .

I will continue my investigation.

Many have tried to get in my way…slow me down. But I’m doing this for my family. I won’t give up .

I know that someday I’Il be able to give Ethan and Mia my thanks directly .

At least , I pray l can.

My name is Zoe Baker. A survivor of this tragedy.

The Baker Incident Report