The story of Lady D

Very different from what we eventually saw, influenced by Braum Stroker’s Dracula, Addams family and the Hachi Shamusha of Japanese folklore, she is always dressed in white, black and red in the game, in the style of 1960s New York fashion. With three black roses on her chest to represent her daughters.

The Dimitrescu seal is represented by a flower and two swords, symbolizing female power. Despite her elegance, she had a weakness in that she had inherited a blood disease which made her weak. But her salvation came from Mother Miranda, who infected Alcina with her blessing, giving her the ability to regenerate, and Miranda had this to say about her subject:

This confirms Alcina’s age, abilities, and height, and hints at what she may be transforming into, and suggests that despite her affection for the patriarch Miranda, she is still not perfect for Miranda’s plans. Alcenia was able to take control of her castle, and begins to devour the flesh and blood of the townsfolk.

she wanted to use the knowledge Miranda gave her to create people like her, which created her three daughters Bella, Cassandra and Daniela. Their transformation was different from Alcina’s :

These three daughters now consist of these insect swarms that help Alcina live and rule the town. We see these poor townspeople living this life. In the “Maiden” demo, the story takes place decades before Resident Evil Village. We play as a poor girl who is snatched from her home and taken to the castle Dimitrescu , when she tries to escape, she sees something horrible. Discovering the secrets of house Dimitrescu. the wine of Dimitrescu is called sanguine virginis, infused with the blood of virgins just like the poor girl trapped in the labyrinth. When it seemed she could escape, she unfortunately met her end.

Now fast forward to the events of Resident Evil Village, where Ethan has been captured by Mother Miranda. Being tried in front of the new lords of this realm, including Alcina.

Lady D: The man is of no real use of anyone else. And my daughters do so love…entertaining foreigners. Furthermore, I can assure you if you entrust the mortal to House Dimitrescu. My daughters and I shall deliver to you the finest cups of his slaughtered blood.

Angie: Out of the way, ugly! I want to see—oh!

Heisenberg: – You mean—Y-You mean…? – Both of you, shut the fuck up!

Ethan: What… ? Where… ?

Heisenberg: You mean you’ll screw around with him in private, and where’s the fun in that? Give him to me and I’ll put on a show that everybody can enjoy.

Lady D: Oh, so gauche. What do we care for bread and circuses? The manthing’s suffering is assured, regardless.

Heisenberg: Yack, yack. And if a man’s dick is cut off in the castle—blah, blah, blah!

Mother Miranda: I’ve heard all of your arguments. Some of you were less persuasive than others, but… I’ve made my decision. Heisenberg. The man’s fate is in your hands.

Lady D: Mother Miranda, I must protest! Heisenberg is but a child, and his devotion to you is questionable. Give the mortal to me, and I will ensure he is ready.

Heisenberg: Shut your damn hole and don’t be a sore loser! Go find your food somewhere else.

Lady D: Quiet now, child! Adults are talking.

Heisenberg: I’m the child? You’re the one who’s arguing with Miranda’s decision!

Lady D: You wouldn’t know responsibility if it was welded to that hammer!

Heisenberg: Oh keep growing, one day your head might actually fit your ego!

Angie: Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Ethan: Hey, don’t I get a say in this?

Mother Miranda: SILENCE! My decision is final, there will be no argument. Remember form whence you came!

Heisenberg: Thank you. Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! And now let the games begin! Let’s see what you’re really made of, Ethan Winters. Get ready!

We can see the difference between Alcina and her siblings, as she reveres Mother Miranda. But seeming to despise the others who are considered her juniors. Ethan escapes their clutches and he eventually decides to investigate Castle Dimitrescu and find his daughter Rose. But instead, he is captured by these vile vampire witches, possibly be prepared for lunch.

Daughter: Mother. I bring you fresh prey.

Lady D: You are so kind to me, daughter. Now, let’s take a look at him. Well, well, Ethan Winters. You escaped my little brother’s idiot games, did you? Let’s see how special you are.

Daughter: -Yes, Mother.

Lady D: Hm, Starting to go a little stale.

Daughter: Then let us devour his man-flesh quickly, Mother!

But I am The Who captured him!

Lady D: Now, now, daughter. First, I must inform Mother Miranda. But later… Well, there will be enough for everyone. Put him up!

Ethan: Hey, hey wait… Hey, Let me… down!

Lady D: Oh, careful what you wish for, Ethan Winters. W-Wait! Wh-Wh-What are you doing?

Ethan is once again able to escape their imprisonment and explore further. He discovers large elegant costumes belonging to Alcina, magnificent paintings and even a portrait of Lady D herself. We learn that the maidens whose blood was drained to make wine, eventually became these foul beasts. As slaves to Alcina, they roamed the castle. We also discover the rift between Alcina and her siblings

Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg.

Because he is in my castle, and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle when I find him-

no mother miranda

Yes, of course, I understand the importance of the ceremony.

I won’t let you down.

Now it’s Ethan’s turn to deal with Dimitrescu’s daughters, who seem to be invulnerable until they meet the cold air. With each death, Alcina grows angrier and angrier until she finally confronts Ethan.

What have you done to my daughter!? You ungrateful, selfish wretch! You come into MY house- You lay your filthy man-hands on MY daughters- And now you even try to steal my property? How dare you!? Rest while you can, because I will hunt you, and I will break you! The entire bloodline of House Dimitrescu is done in? By the like of you!? You disgusting outsider!

Ethan is now missing a hand, and it seems that Alcina will never be defeated. but maybe there is a way to disable her ability to transform , the dagger of the death’s flower is locked in a castle crypt and there is a man who wants to use it to kill Alcina. Legend has it that the blade has the power to stop Alcina from regenerating. Ethan finds out, but that’s not all and killing it is the only way Ethan can survive.