Story of Donna Beneviento And Her Doll Angie

Donna, the Dollmaker is one of the lords in Resident Evil village , and her dominion is the old Benevento house , and the surrounding area. It is an area that her family has controlled for generations. She is a young, striking woman who always hides her face in her long mourning clothes. But she is surrounded by her other half, also her doll – Angie, the twisted presence of this crazy in a wedding dress, that represents life and death.

This connection is fueled by Donna’s ability to control Angie and other deadly dolls as well as a severely debilitating mental illness that has rendered her dysfunctional. This terrifying, ghost-like creature, wasn’t always what Capcom’s developers had hoped for. The initial idea was even more scare, the house was always meant to be haunted, but by a family of ghosts. A mom, a dad, with many children, all wearing strange masks. And all die in horrible ways, like jumping off a waterfall, perhaps Donna will be a doctor in the village and the living heir to this ghostly family that haunts and torments all who enter.

Maybe the concept was scrapped after the original idea with Miranda’s Cadou parasite infection legend didn’t really work, But this haunted house still exists.

The Duke tells Ethan that he must retrieve his daughter’s part from all the Lords, which puts Ethan on the way to the Benevento. Starting with Mia – his wife, signaling him to move on, Ethan also discovers a graveyard with many buried dolls and fanciful flowers. We learn that the grave belongs to Claudia Benevento who is said to be Donna’s mother. following the path to a garden, we find out more about this terrible pair.

November 10th

Mistress Donna is now Mother Miranda’s adopted daughter. In all my years, I’ve never been this overjoyed.

Ever since childhood she has always feared others, due to the scar across her face.

After her parents’death she locked herself away and would only talk to Angie, the doll her father made her.

I am forever thankful to Mother Miranda’s infinite compassion.

November 27th

Mistress Donna seems happy. It might be my imagination, but I feel like her doll Angie is even more lively than before.

She came to me in the garden today and used Angie to talk with me. We had a mighty fine conversation.

Something about receiving a gift of power from Mother?

November 29th

Mistress Donna gave me yellow flowers and told me to plant them in the garden.

I planted them in front of Miss Claudia’s grave I don’t know if it was the scent of the flowers but I felt light headed. Then, like a dream. I saw my departed wife/

I mentioned this to Donna and she seemed thrilled by it. She told me to go to the house tomorrow and see her. She said I could see my family once more.

I’m not sure what she meant by that, but shes so kind.

We learn why Donna is the way she is – she suffered a tragedy Lost her parents, only having Angie-the doll her father gave her.

We also find out that now she has not only been adopted by Mother Miranda, but has been given a gift, a power related to those strange flowers that the poor gardener planted. We now know that Mother Miranda’s act of charity may have been an elaborate maneuver, and that Donna ultimately paid the price. As we heard from Miranda herself – while searching her lab late in the game.

Subject Name: Donna Beneviento

Cadou Affinity: Favorable

Brain Functions: Normal, although severe mental illness.

Physically she is no different from a regular human however, she can secrete a signal producing substance which controls plants infected by the mutamycete.

When humans absorb the pollen from a particular flower she can cause them to have hallucinations

However, she is mentally underdeveloped and has divided her Cadou among her doll in order to control them from a distance

An unfit vessel for Eva

This ability makes a vulnerable broken child even more dysfunctional, she tries to use this ability to talk to the dead, only to discover that she was only hallucinating her powers over others. The scars on her face that she has been ashamed to talk about, which hasn’t mutated into a disgusting mess yet, thanks to Cadou’s parasite. It also explains why Donna retreats further into her crazy mind – and lets Angie be her voice.

Once Ethan does arrive the home, he finds the first full portrait of the pair without Cadou’s deformity.Angie’s words reveal a true motive: Donna was scared and lonely and wanted others to feel the same way. Ethan has now found his wife Mia’s doll. In the original concept of the game, it is actually a corpse that was made to look like Mia, and with Donna fulfills her duties as a doctor. Instead, Ethan must solve a series of mysteries while receiving calls and messages from his wife crying about the loss or even possible miscarriage of their child Rose. This leads to one of the most terrifying creatures in the game the baby.

Eventually, he does escape, but is now confronted with a truly terrifying sight Dolls, dozens of dolls sitting together in a surreal silence, until a voice we hadn’t heard before broke it all .

It was the first and only time we heard Donna’s voice, she does it again, implores Ethan to stay with her and then disappears. Although it may be a hallucination, thanks to the Cadou parasite, the possessed dolls are very real, can kill Ethan very easily. He must now find Angie, and when he does, he is finally able to break free.

In that last moment you see Donna in her true mutilated form and realize that Ethan is not stabbing Angie when in fact,He was stabbing Donna, you can even see the blood on the wall, which is Donna trying to escape Ethan’s rage. Once the dust settles and Donna’s pain is finally over, Ethan is left with only Angie The doll that both saved the doll maker and ended her life.

You can now see how Angie’s face was made with the same moon and sun as the Benevento crest, very similar to Donna’s own deformity.