The story of Moreau

As you can see from some of Capcom’s original concept art, he is envisioned as a half-man, half-fish. He adorns his head with a crown made of villagers’ bones, but as you can see. Capcom initially had an even more gruesome idea, injecting the woman he loved into the back of his body in constant transformation and pain.

salvatore moreau original concept art:

Representing the duality of beauty and grotesqueness, it is said to be similar in design to the Japanese river boy known as Kappa.

His family seal is that of a mermaid, as house Moreau has controlled the reservoir of this village for generations. Although he worships the woman who created him, even tattooing her name on his body.

Mother Miranda finds Moreau unsuitable, as she notes in her private records:

As the events of Resident Evil Village unfold, Ethan meets Moreau, the Ghoul, for the first time during a meeting with the head of the family. Thanks again to the Duke for his warning and guidance.

Duke: The third is Moreau, a being of twisted flesh that lives in the reservoir past the windmills. It’s said that he is not the only monster that lives in those waters.

Ethan must find Moreau to retrieve remnants of his lost daughter. As he explores the dilapidated water mains and reservoirs. He finds the broken beast sitting alone watching romance movies and eating a large block of cheese.

This image came from the concept artist’s original idea of the depths of despair that Moreau would eventually find.

The walls begin to close in on Ethan, but this oozing mass is actually enzymes from Moreau’s body, part of his flesh, all thanks to the mutation of the cadou parasite. As we have seen before, Moreau is almost childlike in his obedience to Mother Miranda and his great fear of his siblings. This may make you feel a sense of sympathy for the beast, but as you search the town for Moreau, Ethan discovers his laboratory and the horrific experiments he performed inside for his mother.

This disgusting fish-man wants to continue Miranda’s experiments and find a useful host. All this at the expense of the helpless villagers to please his dearest mother. As Ethan continues to search for a way out of this labyrinth, he is disrupted by waves in the water. Eventually attacked by a sea creature that was undergoing his own transformation.

Like a sea monster, with a large number of eyes and fins, and even a special bladder. Can spray acid rain on his victims, and while this form can be terrifying, Moreau can’t quite control it and are seen almost as a passenger, sitting terrified in the monster’s mouth. This is clearly a reference to resident evil4, Leon is attacked by the plague monster Delago while crossing a lake.

And in resident evil8, Ethan drains the water from the area and Moreau’s suffering ends with the remains of the beast on the Duke’s bookshelf.

This is lord Moreau’s? I suppose it’s what they call ‘’the beauty of the grotesque’’?