Resident Evil Village Ethan Winters’s Story


In Resident Evil 7, we follow in the steps of Ethan Winters, who’s just a normal vanilla guy. During the events of that game, he was certainly put through the ringer. And he will return as the primary protagonist in Resident Evil Village. So before the next mainline Resident Evil game launches here, we’re going to catch up on all the events of the previous game and take a look at Ethan’s full story so far.


Before Resident Evil 7, Ethan Winter’s life was as mundane as you might expect. He was a system engineer living in Los Angeles and married Mia in 2011, six years before the events of the game. As far as Ethan knows, Mia was a professional nanny who actually does more than that, but we’ll get to that later. To Ethan’s knowledge, one of her jobs proved fatal in 2014.


She disappeared and was declared dead, which is what Ethan believed. It wasn’t until 2017 that he received an email from Mia telling him to come find her and get her out of baker residence in Dulvey Louisiana. The Baker residence has its own baggage that Ethan apparently doesn’t know about, and he’s going there to find his wife, who at this point is believed to have been dead for three years.

In 2014, around the same time, Mia supposedly died. The Baker family also went missing, and since then, the Baker residence has gained a notorious reputation as a haunted house of sorts.

When Ethan arrives at the house and finds his way inside through the surrounding swamp, he soon realizes that it is even spookier than some of the grotesque websites have described.

The house itself is dilapidated and decaying, but once Ethan is inside, he quickly starts looking for Mia, and it doesn’t take him long to find her in a small room in the basement of the house. Mia is surprised to see him, clearly she’s not doing very well, either physically or mentally, and when Ethan brings up the email she sent him, she hastily tells him that she sent him no such email. Ethan quickly realizes that something is very wrong, and Mia’s gibberish and panicked bursts make it clear that something is not right in her head. But Mia tells him that they need to run away before she can explain what’s going on.


The two soon separated again, Ethan let Mia out of her sight for only a few short seconds.In that short time, she is grabbed and dragged away by an unknown person who the players now know as Jack Baker, but we’ll get to that later.

When he sees Mia again, she has turned into a full blown demonic frenzy and she begins to attack him, and despite Ethan’s repeated attempts to stop her, she continues to become increasingly violent, from stabbing Ethan through the hand to bashing her head into a wall, Ethan’s prolonged encounter with Mia is a terrifying one.

Eventually, he strikes her in the throat with an axe, seemingly killing her. Shocked and dazed as he is, Ethan doesn’t have time to process any of it, he hears a phone ring somewhere in the house. When he answers, he speaks with a mysterious woman who calls herself Zoe. Ignoring Ethan’s questions, Zoe tells him that he can escape through the attic, and Ethan who doesn’t need to be told twice to leave this crazy house.

Before he can leave, he immediately sets out to find a way out, and although he is attacked again by Mir, it turns out that she doesn’t die, even from an axe to the throat. She comes at Ethan with a chainsaw, sawing his left hand off in the process and though Ethan manages to subdue her in a jewel once again. He is soon attacked by a third party, and Jack Baker arrives on the scene.

Welcomes Ethan to the family in a now iconic scene and knocked out by him. When anything comes up, he finds himself sitting at the dinner table, surrounded by the entire Baker family.


The patriarch jack, his wife Marguerite, their son Lucas and a feeble old woman in a wheelchair. They are all enjoying a disgusting dinner and Ethan’s hand has been reattached to his arm. And there is also a device on his wrist that monitors his vitals. In the next horrific scene, the baker tries to feed Ethan but is interrupted when a police officer, Anderson, arrives outside the house and the family scatters, heading to deal with the police while Ethan manages to find a way to leave the room and escape to another part of the house.

After another conversation with Zoe on the phone, Ethan heads to the main room of the house, where he meets Officer Anderson on the other side of the house at the locked entrance.

Ethan begs the officer for help, but Anderson isn’t entirely sure if Ethan himself is a suspect in whatever happened at the Baker house and tells him to meet him in the garage of the house.


 Ethan makes his way there, The two men begin conversing, but the conversation is soon interrupted when Jack arrives on the scene, slices the cop’s head open with a shovel, and engages Ethan in a hard-fought jewel, even after multiple blows that should have killed him.

Jack refuses to stay down, and the fight ultimately ends when Jack maniacally shoves Ethan’s gun into his own mouth, pulls the trigger, and blows his own head off. Ethan heads back to the main hall of the house, where he has another conversation with Zoe on the phone.She tells him that she is Jack’s daughter and promises to answer his questions once he finds a way out of the house.

Ethan begins searching for the keys scattered at the resonance while fighting off several black, slimy monsters known as “mold,” which was created by the same infection that has taken over the entire Baker residence.

At this point, it turns out that Jack is still not dead and more encounters ensue. It eventually ends with Jack’s entire upper body being decapitated. Don’t worry, though he still isn’t dead more on that in a bit. Finally free from the house, Ethan heads to a trailer park nearby, where he talks to Zoe again on the phone.

She tells him that her entire family and Mia were infected years ago and they need a serum to cure themselves.Ethan clearly has a personal stake in the matter and wants to cure his wife, and agrees to look for the serum. Zoe tells him that he needs certain components to make the serum, which he will find at Marguerite Baker’s old house on the estate, near the Baker’s main residence.

During his time in the old house, Ethan sneaks around while looking for the components to make the serum. Ethan has several encounters with Marguerite, who has the particularly nasty ability to summon hordes of bugs and has terrifying abilities of her own similar to her husband’s.he defeats her for good in their last encounter with their bodies calcifying and disintegrating completely.


After finding one of the two components needed to make the serum, Ethan returns to the trailer to meet with Zoe, but things certainly don’t end that easily.

Zoe isn’t there, instead Ethan is greeted by a phone call. This time it’s from Lucas Jack and Marguerite’s son, who tells him that he’s captured Zoe and if he wants to save Zoe, he’ll have to go to the barn for a crazy game, and recover the components he needs.

Ethan has no choice but to do what Lucas tells him to do, heading to the barn and through a deadly room full of traps, but eventually outsmarting Lucas.

Ethan realizing that he’s lost flees from the scene, but leaves behind the components that Ethan needs to make the serum.

With the components in hand Ethan heads to the boathouse, where he finds both Zoe and Mia, Zoe using the components to make two serums. But just as the three of them are about to escape using the boat, they are again attacked by Jack who simply refuses to die. Ethan takes on Jack’s hideously mutated form once more in a furious fight, but this time intending to put him down for good. He injects him with one of the serum samples.


Similar to Margaret, Jack’s body calcifies and disintegrates, finally dying, once and for all, but leaving Ethan with only one sample.The tough decision is whether to cure Mia or Zoe and leave the other one behind.


Resident Evil 7 does give the player a choice, but saving Mia is considered a canonical choice, which makes sense since she’s Ethan’s wife and the whole reason he came to Delvie.

So let’s stick with that. Besides, saving Zoe doesn’t change the story much from that point on, and the larger story stays the same except for a few minor changes.

So he uses the serum on Mia, curing her of the virus that has been contaminating her for three years, promising Zoe that he will send help back for her. He and Mia get on a boat and escape, and they don’t get very far

However, at the mouth of the river, their boat runs into the wreck of a tanker called the Annabelle and is attacked by the molded again.” The “two” are thrown overboard and find themselves in the wreckage.


Ethan is captured by the molded and dragged further into the depths of the destroyed ship, and the player plays as Mia in the next section.

Some important things are revealed in this section.

It turns out that Mia was never a nanny, she was an operative of a criminal syndicate group known as “The Connections”, who were involved in experiments related to genetically modified humans to create biological weapons. Their latest biological weapon is a girl named Everline, whose terrifying abilities are the root cause of the molded and all the nightmarish things that happen at baker residence.

Three years ago, Mia was thought to be dead and her job was to smuggle Eveline, but Eveline got lost, the ship was destroyed, and the ship crashed at the mouth of the Delve, where both Eveline and Mia were found by the baker, who took them in and cared for them.

Eveline’s virus, however, infects the baker and they become psychotic killing machines. Mia eventually manages to find and rescue Ethan from the molded, and she gives him the sample of Everline’s tissue she managed to obtain.

As she searches for him in the wreckage of the ship, she locks herself in and tells him to go back to the Baker house to kill Everline.Finally, as Ethan crosses the salt mine network, he spots a group of Blue Umbrella soldiers arriving at the Baker house.

The “Blue Umbrella” is a company that specializes in Cleaning up the huge mess caused by the original Umbrella Corporation. Ethan used the tissue sample Mia gave him to make a neck troxin.

Finally arriving at the Baker house again, he finds that the grandmother in the wheelchair has been Everline all along, due to some strange accelerated aging shenanigans.


Ethan injects her with a neck Troxin, but that as you would expect does not kill her, but summons all the molded in the Baker residence into her body.

Eveline devours the entire house and grows to monstrous proportions, at which point Ethan takes her out in a dramatic climactic fight. As the fight progresses, the Blue Umbrella helicopter arrives on the scene and throws a weapon with an anti-region rounds Ethan, using the weapon, he shoots the monstrous airline multiple times to kill her and destroy her completely.


 Ethan and Mia are rescued by blue umbrella their force is led by none other than Chris Redfield himself.

And flown away from the scene on one of their choppers by the time resident evil village begins, three years have passed and Ethan and Mia have been living a quiet life in Eastern Europe, even having a daughter, according to what we see in the Evil Village trailer.


It’s clear that Ethan’s life is about to be turned upside down once again with the imminent arrival of Chris Redfield, who, from the looks of it, appears to be killing Mia, kidnapping his daughter, and escaping to a castle occupied by lady Dimitrescu, where Ethan will travel to rescue his daughter.

 What role did Chris play in all this, and why was Ethan’s daughter so important that he felt the need to save her?

Is it true that Mia is dead? There are a lot of questions swirling around right now.

But thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to learn the answers to those questions.

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