Please refer to the table below to help you find the best controller solution for your system. Control types can be changed in the options screen before the game starts, or at any time through the pause menu, which means you can test all types without penalty to find the most comfortable layout.


Xbox X/S onePS4/PS5Type AType BType CType D
Left stickLeft stickMoveMoveMoveView
LSL3RunNoneNoneCrouch / Stand
Right stickRight stickViewViewViewMove
RSR3Crouch / StandCrouch / StandCrouch / StandRun
Directional buttonsDirectional buttonsChange weaponChange weaponChange weaponChange weapon
LBL1GuardAimGuardUse recovery items
RBR1Use recovery itemsAttackRunGuard
RTR2AttackUse recovery itemsAttackAim
YOpen InventoryOpen InventoryOpen InventoryOpen Inventory
AXExamine / Pick up itemExamine / Pick up itemExamine / Pick up itemExamine / Pick up item
B(+Left stick↓=Quick Turn)None(+Left stick↓=Quick Turn) Run(+Left stick↓=Quick Turn)Reload(+Right stick↓=Quick Turn)None
XReloadReloadUse recovery itemsReload
VIEWtouch pad buttonOpen Map / JournalOpen Map / JournalOpen Map / JournalOpen Map / Journal


*Run Type can be selected between “switch” and “hold”, the former is recommended.

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