Resident Evil Village visual Demo “MAIDEN”-Full playthrough

Resident Evil Village visual Demo “MAIDEN”-Full playthrough

Resident Evil 8 has released a PS5 exclusive visual demo called “MAIDEN”, You will experience the game’s graphics as a young girl.

This demo is similar to Resident Evil 7’s demo “Beginning Hour”, it is not part of the main game, but rather a short story that is separate from the main game. It takes place in the same place (Dimitrescu Castle) at a different time.



The young girl wakes up, find herself in a dark dungeon. Turn to look behind you and investigate a crack in the wall to find a note.

On it is a message left by someone:

There is a hole in the side of the cell, crouch down and drill through it.

Straight out the door, on a shelf in the room, you see “medicine to keep livestock alive”. The Lord of the castle is treating the prisoners here like livestock.

Check out the other cells and see that some of the doors are chained and require pliers to open.

Walk forward to the dungeon door and find that you need a key to open it. The sound of a body falling to the ground was then heard.

Walking back, a female corpse in a cell actually moved on her own! Get the iron pliers from the corpse.

Use the iron pliers to cut the chain and enter the locked cell.

In the barrel with the blood, get the lock opener.

Come back to see the woman’s body and she has actually crawled some distance out again!

Use the lock picker to unlock the door, then pull the switch to open the dungeon door.

Find the ladder

Leave the dungeon and go forward to the candlelit table with its stinking food. The exit is just ahead.

Walk over to find a crack here with light coming through, you must crouch down.

After drilling through the hole, continue to follow the light.

Crouch down to find a mechanism.

Press the mechanism and a staircase upwards appears on the left.

When you walk up the stairs, there is a document on your left: (The author of this diary may be the woman from earlier?)

Finally find the ladder hinted at in the first note and climb the ladder up to the castle.


On the table in the middle of the room, get the necklace of animal bones.

This necklace was an ornament of this young girl (the protagonist of this demo), used to ward off evil spirits, and was removed when she was imprisoned in the dungeon.

Go out the door and walk through the corridor to the hall and find yourself on the first floor. The main door to the second floor is locked and there is a slot in the right eye of the statue that needs a jewel to be placed in it.

Take the stairs down to the ground floor lobby, there is a file in the corner: (I think it is a list of people who were mutilated by this family)

Pushing open the north door to the dining room, it was chilly and windy .

Get the ring from the wine glass on the right side of the table.

Investigate the ring and take the gem off.

Go back to the first floor (you hear footsteps and can see a ghostly figure going up the stairs), put the gem in the right eye slot and the door opens.

Inside the room is a document:

Open the cupboard next to it and get the courtyard key.

Go back downstairs to the dining room and the lady will come out and bite you.

Enter the dining room and use the key to open the door and get blocked in the doorway by the tall lady.

It’s really …… tall and big ……

We finally met.