Magnum Ammo recipe in is able to buy via merchant in NG+, Rifle Ammo recipe and Rocket Pistol Ammo recipe are available to buy after purchasing a specific weapon.

RecipeFirst Aid MedMedicine that fully heals all wounds.1 Herb + 1 Chem FluidRecovery Item
RecipeHandgun AmmoGeneric handgun ammo.2 Gunpowder + 2 Chem FluidAmmo
RecipeShotgun Ammo12-gauge shotshells packed with small pellets.1 Gunpowder + 2 Rusted Scrap + 1 Chem FluidAmmo
RecipeSniper Rifle AmmoLarge-caliber cartridges for long-range shots.2 Gunpowder + 1 Rusted Scrap + 1 Chem FluidAmmo
RecipePipe BombA hand thrown pipe bomb.1 Gunpowder +1 Metal ScrapExplosive
RecipeMineA direct contact mine.1 Rusted Scrap + 1 Metal ScrapExplosive
RecipeExplosive RoundsExplosive projectiles that damage a wide area.1 Gunpowder +1 Metal Scrap + 1 HerbAmmo
RecipeFlashBangBlinding projectiles that release a bright light.1 Chem Fluid + 2 Rusted Scrap + 1 HerbAmmo
RecipeRifle AmmoSmall-caliber cartridges for assault rifles.1 Rusted Scrap + 1 Metal Scrap + 1 Chem FluidAmmo
RecipeRocket Pistol AmmoSmall rockets for a Rocket Pistol.2 Herb + 2 Rusted Scrap + 1 Metal ScrapAmmo
RecipeMagnum Ammo4 Gunpowder + 4 Rusted Scrap +1 Metal ScrapAmmo

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