Saving and Continuing

Saving and Continuing

Saving and Continuing

The stages of the game are digitally subdivided into serval chapters (1-1, 1-2, and so on). Within each chapter, the game breaks down into different, named areas that can be thought of as individual maps that can be seen in your screen display. In addition, each area holds checkpoints that record your progress. Reaching a specific location or meeting a certain condition triggers the message that you have successfully passed a new checkpoint, and if you die, you start over from there. The autosave feature will save your progress when you enter a new chapter, but if you want to keep track of your checkpoint locations for the next time you play, be sure to save when you exit.

You can leave any game by dying or quitting, but there are different ways to exit. Restarting (via the pause menu) will throw you back to the previous checkpoint, immediately loading your previous location and forgetting any damage or items collected since then. Choosing to quit and then saving the game will record your health and collected items since the last checkpoint, but you can still restart the game from the previous checkpoint using the continue option.

You can start taking advantage of this checkpoint system immediately, as each checkpoint represents an opportunity to access item management. Exiting and saving allows you to replay the same chapter over and over again at checkpoints and checkouts to harvest items, sometimes with little challenge. If you’re holding a token or badge that acts as a key, you can often choose when to insert it to trigger a conditional checkpoint.

The number of times you die in a chapter counts towards your score, so if things look hopeless then you might consider starting over. If you know that you’re in for a tough fight, you can also switch to heavier weapons or extra healing items accordingly.

Selecting “Continue” from the “Play Game” option will restart the game at the last checkpoint saved, so remember that the game only saves one checkpoint. If you replay a chapter via “Chapter Select”, then you will lose your place in any other chapter.

Replay is built into the structure of Resident Evil Village. The gear you collect is stored in the Extended inventory, and it stays with you even when you start a New game. Likewise, if you replay a separate chapter and save at any time, the items you have collected during that time will be added to your inventory. You can replay previously completed chapters when you first finish the game, so if you get stuck or run out of ammo, then you can go back and replay and collect some items or money. You can also bring back upgraded weapons to earlier chapters to make harvesting safer and easier. This way, any player can eventually challenge higher difficulty levels by accumulating a well-stocked arsenal of upgraded weapons.

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