The Duke’s Kitchen And Food Recipes

ImageNameRecipeAbout the recipeReward
food recipesHerbed Fish3 Fish + 2 PoultryFlakey yet succulent baked herb and breaded fish.
Enjoy this hearty meal to feel even more health.
Health slightly increases permanently.
food recipesBird and Beast Pilaf4 Poultry + 1 MeatA hearty dish of poultry and meat cooked in rice and stock into a solid meal. Enough to make your entire body feel more sturdy than before.Damage taken when guarding decreases permanently.
food recipesThree-Flavored Mititei4 Fish + 2 Poultry + 3 MeatDelicious patties made from poultry, fish, and meat. A luxurious yet nourishing local dish. Just one bite to make you feel invigorated.Health increases permanently.
food recipesTochitura de Pui4 Poultry + 3 Meat + 1 Juicy GameA savory stew made from the juicy meat of a rare bird found only in this region. Fabled to enhance one's vitality.Health greatly increases permanently.
food recipesCiorba de Porc1 Fish + 5 Meat + 1 Quality MeatA flavorful broth soup made with high quality meat from a creature found only in this region Protein rich for turning boys into bastions.Damage taken when guarding greatly decreases permanently.
food recipesSarmale de Peste6 Fish + 1 Finest FishA superior cabbage roll stuffed with a rare fish found only in this region.
So light, they make your body feel almost weightless.
Movement speed increases permanently.
food recipesPoultryIngredient gathered from birds
food recipesFishIngredient gathered from fish
food recipesMeatIngredient gathered from common beasts.
food recipesJuicy GameWhere to FindRare Ingredient gathered from a blue birds.
food recipesQuality MeatWhere to FindRare Ingredient gathered from a pure white pig.
food recipesFinest FishWhere to FindRare Ingredient gathered from a pure gold fish.

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