Camera wobble can be turned on/off via the camera settings in the Options menu.

Aim & Attack

Your accuracy increases when you aim with a gun, but it is also possible to fire guns without aiming.You can change the aim settings via the camera settings in the Options menu.


Press LB (Xbox) again at the right time after a successful guard, to push that enemy back.

Quick Slots

Use Directional buttons to change the weapons in your hand.

Register weapons in your inventory to Quick Slots by selecting a weapon and then”Shortcut. These weapons can then be equipped quickly in the field using Directional buttons.

Weapons can also be equipped from the inventory by selecting the weapon and then”Equip”.

Breakable Objects

Useful items are hidden inside breakable objects.


Moveable Shelves

Block entrances to stop enemies in their tracks.



You can examine and organize items in your Inventory, As well as use First Aid Med and equip weapons.

Key items

Key items can be examined from various angles by selecting an item then”Examine .”


Get hold of recipes to craft even more items.


Treasures are incredibly valuable and can be sold to the Duke for Lei, Treasures can be examined from various angles, select an item and then ”Examine .”


You can purchase items and upgrade weapons in the shop.

There is only one merchant in the whole village, the Duke.

He also sells new weapons, crafting recipes, baggage for increasing your storage, and more.

He will also buy any treasure you have from you. You can also sell your weapons, which you can buy back later if you so choose.


Give ingredients you obtain to the Duke once you have all the ingredients he needs for a recipe he’ll cook you a tasty treat.

The Duke will hold onto any ingredients until you have enough to complete a recipe


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