Heisenberg’s Factory-Walkthrough

Return to the village and follow the arrows.

Use Six-Winged Unborn Key to open the door

Go all the way forward and shoot the lock off the door with your gun.

Enter the house, defeat the boss and leave the house.

After taking out a bunch of Lycans, turn left.

After taking out another bunch of Lycans along the way, pull down the switches on both sides of the door and the door opens.

Continue to take out some enemies and use the zip line to get to the other side.

All the way forward, through the wall gap, continue forward, take out the hammer monster.

Through the red door, continue forward, get Torso Flask, a cutscene will be play.

Keep going, take the boat, climb the ladder, go back to the village.

Use Iron Insignia Key to open the door.

Put 4 Flask in and get Giant’s Chalice.

Come to the Ceremony Site, put Giant’s Chalice in, a cutscene will be play.

The platform descends, all the way forward to the factory.

All the way forward, a cutscene will be play.

Pushed into the hole, encounter the enemy, run at the first time.

Enter tunnel, go all the way and climb the ladder.

Access to the ventilation tunnel.

Come to the elevator (Duke), continue forward.

Shoot the red light on the door to open the door.

Come to the location as shown in the screenshot, enter the room inside(Behind the monster) and get Relief Mold from the box.

Return, Making “Relief of a Horse” with the machine.

Put “Relief of a Horse” on the wall to open the hidden door.

Continue forward, down the ladder, through several mechanical arms.(or shoot the red light on the arm to stop it)

Go up the ladder and through the hole.

Enter the generator room, find another door with red lights, then enter.

Get Cog Mold in the box, go back to the machine to make Large Cog.

Place the Large Cog in the generator, start the generator, and the iron door opens.

All the way forward to the following door(2 different door), shoot the red light and enter.

Press the button and go through the bridge.

Enter the door with the red light, meet the previous enemy again and escape again.

Open the blue door.

Press the elevator button, buy supplies, get out of the elevator, and climb up the ladder.

Continue to move forward, down the ladder, all the way forward, go through the ventilation tunnel.

All the way up, shooting off all the red lights on the machine along the way.

Climb up the ladder, continue forward, shoot off the red light of the fan and walk under the fan.

Follow the pipe along the edge, go to the ladder, climb up the ladder and open the valve to enter.

Take the elevator, go up, and get Key Mold in the box.

Continue to move forward to the elevator (Duke), press the button and take the elevator to B4.

Using the machine to make Heisenberg’s Key (Key Mold)

Go back to the elevator and return to B1.

Open the door with Heisenberg’s Key.

Finish the enemy.

Continue to move forward, climb up the ladder and take the operating lift.

Try to open the door and a cutscene will be play.

Come out of the water, crawl through the hole, move on, meet Chris, a cutscene will be play.

Take the vehicle, enter the elevator, and the boss fight begins.

After defeating Heisenberg, a cutscene will be play, the Factory section ends.