The Village-Walkthrough


Ethan woke up in a car accident, followed the snowy road all the way, entered the house, passed through the basement, came to the front of the village, and followed the path down.

Enter the house and get Knife.

open the curtain, cutscene will be play.



Go back to the house, get Bolt Cutters and cut the chain on the door.

Enter the room shown below and more Lycans appear.

Walk out of the house, more Lycans are waiting for you on the roof, and after shooting, these Lycans will attack you.

Follow the blood trail, run to another house and get M1897.

Fight while retreating to the location shown in the screenshot, after a short battle, cutscene will be play.

Follow the old woman, another cutscene will be play.

Enter Church to get Maiden Crest”

Cross the field and enter the house next to it , cutscene will be play.

Over the wall into luiza’s house , open the door, let the father and daughter in, cutscene will be play.

Enter the room and another cutscene will be play.

Enter the kitchen, open the drawer, get the car key and Screwdriver.

Use the car key, drive the car and cutscene will be play. Use Screwdriver to open the cage in the yard of Luiza’s house and get Demon Crest”

Go out, all the way to the stone gate of the castle, use “Maiden Crest” and“ Demon Crest” to complete the puzzle to open the gate.