Heisenberg is a mysterious person, we have seen this person quite a few times in the “Resident Evil Village” trailer and game showcase. But who is he really?

There are a few theories floating around the internet at the moment that kind of hint at who this character is. One thing we’ve seen of this mysterious man so far is that he’s always dressed like a western cowboy, with his hat long coat and boots.

In the last trailer, he is also seen holding a rather large hammer, which does have something to do with the Gorilla Man boss character.

So our first theory is , Heisenberg is lady Demitrescui’s brother, so in the Resident Evil Village showcase we see a scene where lady Demitrescu says Ethan managed to escape her brother’s idiotic game, so just like Lucas and his saw in Resident Evil 7 with the same traps and games, it seems Heisenberg could be putting you through the same type of trials and tests to try and kill you.

He could be Lady D’s brother, which does make sense since they both seem to be the heads of two different warring factions, with Lady in charge of her vampire-like clan and Heisenberg supposedly the leader of the werewolf clan.

The second theory is that this man is the leader of the werewolf clan, which is actually the so-called gorilla man boss with a giant hammer. We can see some similarities between these two characters, both the gorilla man and Heisenberg wear similar clothes, coats and boots, and they have similar weapons the giant hammers. Now granted Gorilla Man does have a much larger hammer than Heisenberg, but Heisenberg has a much smaller hammer, probably due to the fact that he, in his human form, cannot obviously carry such a huge weapon as Gorilla Man.