What information can we get from the game cover!

The cover of the game shows Chris’s split face and a wolf with glowing yellow eyes. It could be showing two different characters, but it’s possible that this is a hint to Chris.

If you look at the eye, it looks very similar to Lady D, and the lady and her daughter feel very similar to vampires, knowing the world of Resident Evil, they are probably under the influence of some kind of virus, possibly one that we have not yet encountered. We can also see that there are other people around the village who seem to be affected by the virus, some of whom will certainly appear to be under the watchful eye of the werewolves . It’s safe to say that, thematically at least, we’ll see a vampire and werewolf theme, as we’ve seen in some other universes where vampires and werewolves are often pitted against each other. Vampires represent the more aristocratic class, while werewolves tend to be the more oppressed and oppressor. Perhaps Chris is infected with the same virus, which could have many implications. Perhaps he is being controlled or directed by one of the houses, and perhaps the child is the key to the ritual we hear Lady D speak of. Perhaps the vampire ruling class has the ability to control the others, as we see in many other vampire stories.

We also know that Evelyn’s mold virus also has the ability to affect and control people, so it’s not out of the question that if he’s infected, he could be fighting his own battles in his own head, just like we saw with Mia and Ethan in Resident Evil 7.

I think it makes sense to say that Rosemary is important to someone, whether the Chris are bringing their children to them or trying to keep them away from them is unclear. Either way, I think Capcom has set up a complex and interesting story for Resident Evil Village. Until we get the game, we can only really speculate.