In your inventory, there is an entire area dedicated to treasure. Each time you make a new discovery, a special slot will appear in the treasure inventory to record your find.

You can’t use or combine treasures in RE8, so their main purpose is their sale value. When you reach the item management screen, sell them immediately to fund weapon purchases and upgrades. Their secondary purpose is to complete the game, as your goal is to find all available treasure types.

Complete Treasure List:

ImageNamePrice(Sell)More infoWhere
TreasureCrystal Fragment2000
TreasureLarge Crystal3000
TreasureYellow Quartz10000
TreasureCrystal Skull900
TreasurePolycrystal Skull3500
TreasurePerfect Crystal Skull10000
TreasureCrystal Wing2400
TreasureCrystal Beast20000
TreasureCrystal Ancient Beast80000
TreasureCrystal Mechanical Heart5000
TreasureLarge Crystal Mechanical Heart9000
TreasurePerfect Crystal Mechanical Heart25000
TreasureComplex Mechanical Heart45000
TreasureCrystal Hammer35000
TreasureGiant Crystal Axe30000
TreasureGiant Crystal Mace60000
TreasureCrystal Torso5000
TreasureCrystal Dimitrescu25000
TreasureCrystal Moreau40000
TreasureCrystal Heisenberg70000
TreasureSilver Ring1800
TreasureAzure Eye1200
TreasureAzure Eye Ring12000
TreasureNecklace with Two Holes4000
TreasurePigeon Blood Ruby3000
TreasureMadalina (Head)2000
TreasureMadalina (Body)3000
TreasureMiss Madalina20000
TreasureWooden Animal (Head)1750
TreasureWooden Animal (Body)2000
TreasureWooden Goat15000
TreasureMechanical Part (Cylinder)7000
TreasureCrimson Glass3500
TreasureTeddy Bear4000
TreasureWooden Angel Statue3000
TreasureIngrid's Necklace2000
TreasureAntique Coin8000
TreasureCrimson Skull8000
TreasureOnyx Skull15000
TreasureChartreuse Skull20000
TreasureBister Skull30000
TreasureGolden Lady Statue20000
TreasureSteel Hroesvelgr14000
TreasureFather Nichola's Angel22000
TreasureGuglielmo's Plate25000
TreasureBerengario's Chalice18000

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