The Storyline of Resident Evil Village

1. The relationship between Resident Evil and Resident Evil Village.

The founder of Umbrella – Spencer is a student of Resident Evil village final BOSS Miranda, younger Spencer learned a lot of virus knowledge from Miranda.

2, The beginning of the Resident Evil village.

Resident Evil Village’s final boss Miranda, her daughter died in the Spanish Influenza in 1918. Years later, Miranda discovered a mold that can absorb the consciousness of the dead – that is, the predecessor of the E virus that appeared in Resident Evil 7. Miranda then began to use the mold to carry out experiments in order to resurrect her daughter, which is the beginning of Resident Evil Village‘s story.

3、The start of the story of Resident Evil.

As Spencer learns about the virus from Miranda, he discovers that Miranda only created the virus to resurrect his daughter. And Spencer’s real idea is to control all mankind,As a result, Spencer’s ambition grew,then leave the village. After years of hard work,Spencer eventually discovered what he believed to be the ideal type of virus,”progenitor”, found in Africa, Then created Umbrella Corporation。

When Spencer discovered the virus, to show his respect for his mentor Miranda,Spencer use the symbol when he spoke with Miranda in the cave as Umbrella’s logo。(This is the reason for the appearance of the Umbrella Corporation logo in Resident Evil village。)

4、The start of the story of Resident Evil 7:

Since the discovery of the mold, Miranda began to use its powerful viral ability to control the villagers in an attempt to find the ideal experiment to bring his daughter back to life, and the patriarchs of the four houses around the village were willing to fall into Miranda’s puppet to work for him.

But Miranda’s desire to resurrect her daughter after years of experimentation was never achieved. Time came to the beginning of the 21st century, a mysterious organization inadvertently contacted Miranda, said willing to provide help, and Miranda in order to resurrect its daughter to provide her daughter’s DNA and mold, but the organization has created a failure – Evelyn (that is, Resident Evil 7’s BOSS), which started the plot of Resident Evil 7.

5、Resident Evil 7 plot follow-up:

After BSAA member Chris and his team worked with the Blue Umbrella organization to deal with Evelyn, the Baker family’s only survivor, Zoe Baker, was eventually sealed and treated, and the Baker family’s farm was treated by the government as an underground hydrogen sulfide leak, and the local government sent a national guard unit to seal off the site, and the relationship between Ethan’s wife Mia and the organization was kept strictly confidential And Chris was warned by the BSAA top brass not to leak because of his handling of the Evelyn incident. But Zoe Baker did not give up investigating the relationship between the BSAA and her family causing the tragedy. Zoe Baker still kept in touch with Mia, who received a letter from Zoe after giving birth to her daughter Rose. At this point, the surviving Ethan and Mia secretly start living under BSAA’s protection.

6、The plot of Resident Evil 8:

Although Resident Evil 7 BOSS Evelyn is a failure and was eliminated, but Miranda obtained the information of Ethan and Mia’s daughter Rose, found Rose is the perfect host, so she took the opportunity to infiltrate Ethan’s home, secretly imprisoned Mia, disguised as Mia’s look-alike lurking around Ethan, trying to use Rose to resurrect her daughter.

Chris discovered Miranda’s intentions and sent a team to break into Ethan’s home and take Rose, also knocked out and took Ethan. But a car accident occurred on the way, and Miranda took the opportunity to escape from Ethan’s home and took Rose, which led to the plot of Resident Evil 8.

Chris also searched for Miranda in the village, while Ethan in order to find his daughter and Fighting with lots of mutant lycans in the village, he gradually eliminated the four House’s bosses around the village. But when fighting with the final boss Miranda, Ethan’s heart was ripped out, before dying Ethan gave his daughter to Chris, while he died with Miranda.

7、The follow-up to Resident Evil Village:

Rose grew up, wore Ethan’s coat, and brought flowers to Ethan’s grave.

There is an easter egg at the end of the story, the car slowly drive away, passing by a person, take a closer to see, that person is Ethan.