charactersEthan WinterThe protagonist of Resident Evil 7 biohazard,Ethan's story continues in Resident Evil Village.After being swept up into the events of the Baker estate incident, this regular nobody somehow managed to escape that nightmare alive. Ever since, he has lived a quiet existence with his wife Mia under the protection of the BSAA.
charactersChris RedfieldA mainstay of the series since the first Resident Evil, this former S.T.A.R.S. member has fought his way through numerous bioterror incidents. He currently works as a specialist for the BSAA, a counter-bioterror NGO.
charactersMia WintersEthan's wife. The organization she was once a member of were the developers of the bioweapon that caused the incident in the Baker home.
charactersRosemary WintersEthan and Mia's daughter, who Chris kidnaps!
charactersThe DukeA strange man from the village. He has a large selection of wares in his shop.
charactersAlcina DimitrescuThe mistress of the castle that overlooks the village. A towering woman with bewitching looks.
charactersMother MirandaLeader of the four family.
charactersKarl HeisenbergA strange man who wields a massive hammer. Could he be a friend, or a foe?
charactersThe Hound Wolf SquadThe elite squad Chris Redfield leads.

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